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Rustic Loft Brick

Achieve authentic warehouse brick character with Muros Rustic Loft Brick wall panels. Bricks have a natural aged appearance, containing subtle imperfections and colour variations typical of today's rejuvenated loft brick buildings.

Dimensions (approx)

3,290mm(w) x 1,270mm(h) x 22mm(d)
Total area: 4.18m²
Weight: 30kg

Individual bricks width (approx): range 115mm - 235mm
Individual bricks height (approx): 65mm
Mortar width/ height (approx): range 8mm - 25mm

Key Benefits

- Authentic design and finish
- Lightweight
- Large selection (100+ designs and colours)
- Strong and durable
- Cost-effective
- Flexible
- 5-step installation
- Space saving
- Versatile (can be painted)
- Fire resistant (ISO 5660 - NZ/ AS/NZS 3837 - Aust)
- Low VOCs
- ISO9001 accredited (Quality)
- ISO14001 accredited (Environment)
- Interior and exterior* application
- Proven (for over 25 years)

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Fire rating
Muros Wall Panels are supplied for self-installation, by your Builder, Joiner or Shopfitter.
Quote includes panels + install materials + delivery.
Installation options are available using experienced local installers for larger or complex projects.