brick & stone pillars

White Castilian Stone / Chipped
Traditional European stone pillar styling available in two styles - Stone and Chipped. Real-life relief. A high quality and versatile design option to add impact and enhance a space.
Dimensions (approx)
All stone pillars have two faces/sides, while White Castilian Chipped is also available as a three-sided panel. Each stone pillar panel is 2.8m high.

Two-sided - White castilian stone
300mm(w) x 300mm(w) x 2,800mm(h) x 5mm(d)
Total area: 1.68m²

Two-sided - White castilian chipped
400mm(w) x 400mm(w) x 2,800mm(h) x 5mm(d)
Total area: 2.24m²

Three-sided - White castilian chipped
400mm(w) x 400mm(w) x 400m(w) x 2,800mm(h) x 5mm(d)
Total area: 3.36m²

To complete a free-standing four-sided pillar, two two-sided panels are used to cover the four sides.

To complete a three-sided pillar (typically adjoining a wall), three-sided panels are used if available - or two two-sided panels are used. If two pillar panels are needed one full panel is applied while the second panel is cut vertically in half to create the third side.
Key Benefits

- Authentic design and finish
- Lightweight
- Large selection (100+ designs and colours)
- Strong and durable
- Cost-effective
- Flexible
- 5-step installation
- Space saving
- Versatile (can be painted)
- Fire resistant (ISO 5660 - NZ/ AS/NZS 3837 - Aust)
- Low VOCs
- ISO9001 accredited (Quality)
- ISO14001 accredited (Environment)
- Interior and exterior* application
- Proven (for over 25 years)

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Fire rating
Muros Wall Panels are supplied for self-installation, by your Builder, Joiner or Shopfitter.
Quote includes panels + install materials + delivery.
Installation options are available using experienced local installers for larger or complex projects.